What Other’s Are Saying

“I cannot sing Kristin’s praises enough. She’s been an integral part of my last year and I couldn’t have asked for someone better. If you are a ‘solo entrepreneur,’ don’t hesitate to put yourself in the hands of this skilled, fast working, ethical woman because there is a method to the solo entrepreneur online strategy, and you don’t want just anyone tinkering with your brand. She gives you everything they need to succeed with an online presence, and I know that I can trust her recommendations for which online products and methods to use and which to skip (I always recommend asking her for her expertise since she knows so much more about the backend than the vast majority of us non programmers). Need something a certain way? She finds a way to do it. She’s been there for me on late nights, on early mornings, and everything in between. If you’re thinking of hiring Kristin – do it. Know where you want to go, and tell her what you need. And be smart enought to ask her opinion!” ~ Heather Hightower, HeatherHightower.com


“Kristin is my go-to-gal for graphic design work and website updates. She takes initiative to learn new software on her own, is 1Shoppingcart proficient and we’ve been having a blast learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress.

Kristin knows the detailed steps it takes in projects like website launches, webinar and teleseminar hosting and digital product creation. I sub-contract to Kristin regularly as well as hand clients right off to her.

I’m sure Kristin and I will continue to collaborate for years to come!” ~ Deborah Davis, AVirtualClickAway

“I have used Kristin for multiple projects and have been very happy with the outcomes each time. I like working with Kristin because she’s highly responsive and personable. I want an enjoyable one-to-one relationship with my service providers. Kristin takes the time to understand you, your business goals, and treats your project with utmost priority. Highly recommended. ~ Myra Corello, Presentations For Results