Water Supply Problems

Water Supply Problems Click to View Diagnosis: Bathroom faucet is leaking, Kitchen faucet is leaking, High water bill, Water is coming out of wall, Leaking shower valve, Leaking shower head, Water under kitchen cabinet, Leaking hot water heater, No hot water, Pilot light will not stay lit, SDG&E tagged water heater, Pipes make noise in wall, Install new water heater. Click here to go Directly to … Continue reading

Drain Problems

Drain Problems Click to View Diagnosis: Toilet clogged (will not drain), kitchen sink clogged (slow draining), bathtub clogged (slow draining), bathroom sink clogged (slow draining), shower is clogged (slow draining), bathtub is cracked, shower pan is cracked, garbage disposal is not functioning, washing machine drain is clogged, sink basin is … Continue reading